Time to shift gears!

Automatic Transmission Problems Shifting Gears | Toyota of Manchester
Toyota photo

Thanks for confirming what we already knew or suspected. But, admission does not solve the problem, when it is always left in idle! Politicians are professionals at this; as if informing us, often misinforming will satisfy the masses. Hence, most believe their jobs are complete, in their disturbed minds. So they think! What they do (in part) is buy time, because they have no solutions, no plan. While stuck in idle, the impression is………..their working on it. Maybe they are, in the back room where you can’t see!

We should have known, that Joe’s Infrastructure Bill was full of crap. If you know the true meaning of infrastructure, not Biden’s version or his handlers, why build something Americans weren’t going to even use! No point in repairing that highway to the West, when your being caged up, locked down. Biden and Company’s new normal. Travel is being restricted and so forth! Why build a bridge with your tax money you aren’t going to be allowed to cross! That bill was going to benefit only those who passed it! Money always finds it’s way in the politicians pockets or corporate entities that support them. Campaigns and campaign donors work it all out ahead……..lobbyist and often not in campaigns but in the halls of legislatures. That is a story for another day!!

Being stuck in idle, is aside from buying time, it leaves them with not making a decision at all, ignoring whatever. One good example of that is accountability. We witness this all the time! It is the most frustrating, especially when we have that information (what I mentioned above) right in front of us……….and political criminals are not punished, but protected. Because the only thing in Washington D.C. that runs to perfection is the CORRUPTION PROCESS, also known as The Swamp, The Deep State.

The Biden Administration’s border policy is: Just leave it alone, it will work it’s way out! The policy is there is no policy! He/they see no problem. They do, they just welcome it, they believe down the road it benefits the Democratic (Socialists) Party. So they ignore! Ignore comes from ignorance!

IDLE? We the People are in idle, right where The Swamp, D.C. wants us!

Time for We the People to shift from that idle position into gear, not reverse…………..and press the peddle down! NOW!

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