That Ugly Foul War Against Trump Continues?

Two years later they want to “FIND OUT” the origin of COVID? A committee of self proclaimed Congressional “EXPERTS”? Sounds like a way for more spending and someone to make more money as in CHAIRMANSHIP OF A WORTHLESS COMMITTEE! 9/11…..Jan. 6 Committee……and all the other BS committees or commissions (whatever they want to call it, somehow the title makes a difference! That was a joke, a bad one! ). Bottom line like all bottom lines, and Hillary may be right ………What difference will it make? Nobody goes to jail for crimes against the citizens. Only those that threaten and hurt politicians get punished…… know? Like Nazi Germany!



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According tothis report, there is bipartisan support for creating a congressional Covid-19 Commission. It would be modeled after the one that, for better or (in my view) worse, examined the 9/11 attacks. The proposed commission would investigate the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and the responses of the Trump and Biden administrations.

The plan is proposed by the top Democrat and Republican on the Senate Health Committee — Sens. Patty Murray and Richard Burr. It calls for a 12-member panel with subpoena power to “get a full accounting of what went wrong during this pandemic,” (Murray’s words) and to make recommendations for the future.

The fact that Patty Murray wants such a commission is two strikes against it. Burr’s support leaves the count at 0-2. Call it a foul ball.

There is probably…

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