It All Cliques

Truth in the pudding! Dems were with the Republican losers when it came to Trump thumping them. Especially for taking down one of their most elite members of all time……Hillary! That stung and it still stings!

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I’m making this its own post because of the important point.

Ultimately, the jihad against Joe Rogan isn’t about politics at all, his or anyone else’s, or what words he has used or has never used, or what context he may or may not have used them, or what kind of guests he may or may not have had on his show.

When I first became a ham, I got my license based on and after the loosening of standards and increase of privileges that happened in the early 1990s. (The “no code tech,” for those of you who know.) And I came into a world that was at the time full of guys who got their licenses before that. I don’t think it’s hard to figure out the rest.

Cliques are, well, clique-y, and engage in cliqueishness. That’s why the word “clique” exists.

Awhile back, I speculated…

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