Senator Joe Biden’s Political Career HAS ALWAYS BEEN SHADY! Delaware Barely Exists!

He either shouts or whispers. Shouts come when he really doesn’t want to answer something, or when his mind gets lost (like “come on man”), where he does not know what to say or someone has ticked him off. Whispers come because he is lecturing us and/or he “thinks” he is explaining things to us which he believes mindlessly that we would not otherwise understand. He wants to be your wise old Uncle Joe. He truly believes he is smarter than all of us. It’s like this: ‘Shhh! Believe what I say and keep your mouth shut.’ The man should be in a nursing home.

MN Prager Discussion Group

February 3, 2022

Just how frail is Joe Biden?

ByAndrea Widburg at AMERICAN THINKER:

I must admit that I was very wrong about Biden. I thought he’d be out of office by June 2021 at the latest.Instead, technically speaking, he’s still in office.But looking at a recent, very disturbing little video of Joe Biden being gently led away from the podium by his caretaker/wife, Mrs. Joe Biden, one has to wonder what kind of an empty shell of a man is helming what long was the most powerful nation in the world.

Biden was pulled together enough to read a teleprompter speech in which he once again invoked the usefully dead Beau Biden to declare a new war on cancer.(While I think it’s a real tragedy that Beau, a father, died young from cancer, I’ve said for a while that, given how much Joe uses Beau for political effect…

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