Pass the Popcorn, This Show is a Hoot

From this article: “There is no honor among thieves,” and “…..All the thieves have the goods on each other, one wouldn’t pay the protection money and got burned and now all the other thieves are upset about it.” Isn’t this parallel to how the LEFT (The Swamp) works? They cover-up for one another, they hide and protect……but, when one gets bounced from the club and turns, more start to turn. Maybe there is hope for our nation. Left keep hammering each other……

The Texas Piney Woods (Blog)

TexasLynn Meme – Chris Cuomo Burns Down CNN Christ Chumo, scorched earth, burn, fire, arson, Jeff Zucker

I have to admit the guilty pleasure of enjoying the %$#@-show going on at CNN right now; though it may be playing out…

For those who might not follow the exploits of karma, CNN Executive Jeff Zucker was thrown under the bus this week (Feb 2022), as in fired. CNN (like MSNBC) has been hemorrhaging viewers and money over the last year or so which is more than enough of a reason to let him go, but the reason given is Zucker had a “years-long relationship” with Allison Gollust (another CNN executive) and they didn’t fill out the proper paperwork when it began. This relationship wasn’t much of a secret in CNN circles.

A few short months ago (Dec. 2021) CNN talking head Chris Cuomo was fired for being a Cuomo (dirt-bag) and…

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