More on Today’s Bogus Job Numbers from the BLS – “There’s Never Been a January Seasonal Adjustment of This Magnitude” — The Gateway Pundit

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Today’s job numbers are as shocking as Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 Election – meaning they’re garbage.  Here’s more on the unrealistic and dishonest reporting coming from the BLS.

We reported earlier on how today’s job numbers coming out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) made no sense:

SHADES OF OBAMA – January Job Numbers Doubled the Highest Estimate of 78 Experts – And You’re Supposed to Believe This is Real

Now we have more on these over-the-top numbers.Zerohedge reports:

For those who only look at headlines,today’s payrolls reportwas a veritable shock:coming in at 467K, it was almost 4x the consensus median expectation of 125K, and was orders of magnitude above Goldman’s forecast of -250K. Putting the stunning, 3-sigma beat in context, it came above all 78 estimates, and was more than double the highest forecast of 225K from HSBC. Even more…

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