I am a bit late (12:25 PM CST) posting this, I was up until nearly 3 AM painting in my now completed art studio. Finished it about 5 days ago (converted some basement space), I have already completed 2 oil paintings since, working on my 3rd which will be completed sometime today. My intentions are to start posting some of the paintings, and show them on line to sell. I’ve seen some of the stuff selling and at what price. I should really do this. My work is good enough and getting better. Soon, you can be the judge! 🙂

Okay, on the topic of the headline above!! This snow can seriously stop now! I thought it was going to stop before now. It started yesterday morning at 5 AM. It is now 12:30 PM CST, and it is still coming down! The new accumulation total is ……drum roll…………. 7-1/2 inches! Desert should I go check on your kids? LOL! My lawn guy hasn’t got here yet to shovel. I hope he comes after it quits!!! I don’t want to pay him twice!! Oh and to no surprise……..there is a shortage of snow removal people here! If I wanted to make some serious extra bucks, I’d go out and do some door knocking myself. I shoveled snow as a kid, when we had snow. Do you know how many homes I could have cleaned back in the day if we had this kind of snow. I am 69 years old, I think it was my late 20s or early 30s we had this much in one event.

This I am, excuse me, PISSED about. My son and his family had been ill (he said COVID). I called after a couple of days, and his response was: ” I am fine Dad, I’m playing in a volley ball tournament. ” Two nights ago I sent him a text message, he said Leona (my granddaughter) was really sick and he was worried about her, no energy and hasn’t kept anything down for 2 days. He said they called the Dr.’s office (now this was on Tuesday of this week, before the snow even started) to get her in. The office told them because of the snow that was coming they wouldn’t be able to see her until FRIDAY! I forgot to mention Leona is TWO YEARS OLD! They were about to take her to the ER, which is only about 8 miles from them. By Friday, she’d be totally dehydrated! Not taking patients because of the SNOW! There was a time, if you needed a doctor, especially for a child that was that ill, the DOCTOR OFFICES would say “……get her in here now!” Those days are apparently gone folks. Not going to office today………it might snow! We went to the doctor in snow………. This type of thing never existed. Those doctors took oaths. I even remember (when I had measles and was really sick) my doctor made a HOUSE CALL. People today don’t even know what that means. Oh, BYI, just as they were about to put her in the car for the ER……….Leona asked for some peanut butter crackers and suddenly perked up! My son sent me a pic of her standing on the sofa in her underwear eating the cracker, watching TV (probably cartoons). Yesterday I am told she was feeling much better, has eaten and drank and to this point KEEPING IT DOWN. THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE SHUTTING DOWN A DR’S OFFICE BECAUSE IT MIGHT SNOW. It did, but they were intending to take her in before the snow even started. This was close to being a medical emergency! To me it was! I was worried. I told my son the excuse was BS! Unacceptable……..get her to ER!

Anyway, it is now 12:55 PM CST, and you guessed it …………still snowing.

The golf courses are going to be sloppy for a month, once this all melts!

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