Biden Deploys 3,000 Troops To NATO ‘Eastern Flank’ Countries


Diverting domestic issue attention while protecting America…McDonnell Douglas.

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The White House has pulled the trigger on a fresh troop deployment which marks the first amid the still ratcheting Russia-Ukraine crisis, days after President Biden announced he would bolster US forces in East European allied countries. Senior defense officials have confirmed that 3,000 American troops have been ordered to depart to Poland, Romania, and Germany – after last month they were placed on “alert” as part of ‘prepare to deploy’ status.”Mr. Biden is sending roughly 2,000 troops from Fort Bragg, N.C., to Poland and Germany this week and also repositioning about 1,000 troops that are part of a Germany-based infantry Stryker squadron to Romania, on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s eastern flank closest to Russia, the officials said,” according to details in The Wall Street Journal. 

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6 thoughts on “Biden Deploys 3,000 Troops To NATO ‘Eastern Flank’ Countries”

  1. WTF? Ukraine has already said they don’t want any part of NATO, NATO doesn’t want Ukraine. Ukraine says they don’t need our help, and Russia says it doesn’t want a broken city, they don’t plan to do anything except protect their borders. Maybe if Lets Go Brandon spent a bit of time worrying about our borders, there wouldn’t be so much friggin crime here.
    Hell, face it, its really bad when you can go into a store in CA, shoplift less than $1,000, and they don’t even stop you on the way out, even though they know you stole all that stuff. Then, who has to pay for that? The consumer. So they give all our tax dollars to globalists, then take a few more tax dollars so that we can pay for CA letting people steal out of the stores, and then raise the prices to help cover it as well.

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    1. Ukraine is smarter than we are. Why pay money into NATO, for absolutely no reason. And if Russia wanted the Ukraine back, they could have taken them anytime they wanted. The Soviet Union became stronger without the Ukraine……as Russia. The territory was quite big enough already, without Ukraine, no financial burden, less responsibility. Ukraine can just go it alone. No Biden not concerned with our border, someone else’s. And only so he can divert attention somewhere else, so he has to create an issue. That is the Democratic Socialist Party way! Even Putin said Dems were crazy for accepting and moving to Socialism. A year ago just before Christmas, I was doing some shopping (I think it was at Ross Store’s). I was near the front exit, waiting on someone, when this woman ran by me with an arm full a clothes right out the door. I started to go after her, when the store manager yelled at me to let her go. He said it happens almost daily. And there people don’t even try and stop them, they could almost walk by casually. They don’t even call to report it anymore to the police. Not because of the police either, not their fault. It’s like they just don’t want to confront them. No, it’s easier for them to just raise prices to a ridiculous high, let the people who pay makeup the loses. Eventually they won’t be able to keep that up. They’ll do what some of the Walgreen’s stores have done in San Francisco and just close. Wonderful! So now it compounds another problem…….unemployment. But not to worry just collect employment security check from the gov. Another compounded cost to the tax payers. Seriously the smartest answer is stop the SOBs (many can be caught in the parking lots before they get away) or you have their faces on camera. The cops want to jail them, but then you have to prosecute. Spend some jail time. That is and always has been the best solution/and it is crime prevention. Smart thieves don’t want to go back to jail! This is also better economics than what is currently going on. Years ago, my best friend, who was a cop, went into an auto part store (my brother was with him). He had picked up several items, because he had his hands full he put one item in his pocket. He went to check out and paid, but forgot the item in his pocket. When they walked out the door, they didn’t even get to their car in the lot when they were apprehended. Because my brother was with him, they took both in a interrogated them for over an hour. Their security had called the local police, they came in and joined the questioning in the manager’s office. After an hour they were convinced it was just a mistake, that he would have and intended to pay for the part. Today, no such thing!! Oh he paid for the part and were allowed to go. He said the store manager, security and cops shook hands, even laughed about it. But that is not what is happening today. See you got me ramped up!!! 🙂

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      1. You got ramped up, but you shared what is going on in the world, and why it shouldn’t be that way.
        That’s what happens, when I go into it after reading some of your posts. It reminds me of how things used to be, the way they were meant to be. And hell yes, it is irritating what is going on now. Nobody has to answer for anything. The politicians are all either communist or socialists, and the rest of the country don’t give a damn about anything. Thank God for Canadians, they reminded of what it is like to be alive. Americans just sit around and weenie out about everything. They bitch and moan and bitch and moan some more, but who damned long has it been since we have seen marches like in the 60s?
        These vaccines and mandates and Biden are going to kill the rest of the country off. all the while everyone is just going to sit back and watch. Yea, they talk like they’re going to do something, but in the end, we have to be the laziest SOBs in the world.
        You have Australia, France, New Zealand, and numerous other countries getting their protesting in. Countries that used to talk about how the Americans would never let them get away with this or wouldn’t ever let them get away with that, that the Americans were the last best hope for Freedom. WE DON’T DO SHIT ANYMORE!!! When someone protests here, it is the likes of BLM and Antifa, and all that happens is rioting and chaos. Soros money funded kids. Nothing gets accomplished.
        Last I heard, today, WWIII may have started because of some bullshit that Biden claimed happen in Ukraine. Biden is one of the worst warmongers on earth. But he has to be, that is how he gets even richer, and no one is looking at him and his family during that period. Obama and Biden can finish robbing America blind if they get us into a war with Russia. Hillary gets off scott free, and they all have a high old time in hiding somewhere while we get nuked. Saves them the effort of vaccinating us to death, wipe us out with one swift missile.
        Ok…sorry, I did enjoy reading your response…

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  2. Yea, the warmongerers are hard at work. They want to launch WWIII. They don’t care, that we’ll get blown off the map, it just mean less work for them. They won’t have to kill us themselves, they’ll egg Russia on until they nuke us all.

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