Whom Are The DEMS INVADING Across Our Rio Grande ?

Spies from all over the globe have slipped in in horrific numbers. You’d have to be a naive idiot to think otherwise. I expect terrorist’s activity to increase soon, very soon. The GOP has not put up much of a fight to prevent either

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Large spike in Russian, Ukrainian illegal immigrants at southern border

JAZZ SHAW Jan 31, 2022 at Hot Air:

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

It’s no secret that we’ve been seeing record numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border over the past year, with many of them going on to be shipped around to various parts of the nation’s interior courtesy of the Air Joe Biden illegal entry flight program. But our understanding of the source(s) of this human wave have been changing in recent months. We typically think of the majority of the migrants violating our southern border during the Biden border crisis as to be coming from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. And it’s true that we still see plenty of border jumpers coming from those nations. But during the second half of 2021, CBP began reporting a steep increase in the number of…

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