OH THE HYPOCRISY !!! Arlin Report thought(s) of the day

I have a nephew in his early 30s. He is married to a woman from Bangladesh. He met his wife while she was here in the U.S. attending college. She was actually here “legally”. This lady and my nephew have a child together, about 2 years of age now. She went back to her home country with the child. My nephew followed shortly after to be there, to meet her family and to be with his son and wife. He was there several months, then returned to the U.S. He earns their living here. It is there desire for mom and child to return to the U.S., after all the baby was born in the U.S. and is an American. But, for whatever reason they are not being allowed back into the U.S. This while Biden allows unchecked, lawless illegals to cross daily. Over 2 million illegals came into the U.S. via the Southern Border last year alone.

The only thing this Bangladesh woman is guilty of, as far as I know, is asking (expecting) my brother and sister-in-law to give her money, support her financially. She does ask/expects a lot………hand outs. But that has been the nature of foreigners entering this country. Like we owe them! She may be a bit of a user/ con artists perhaps……..but they have given in on their own. She hasn’t robbed them physically speaking or hurt anyone. She is at worst a user, to get what she wants. When it stopped working she went back to Bangladesh. Now, she must have learned better to live in the U.S. than southern Asia. She is trying to return through the “legal process”. I give her credit for that.

There is no consistency to the Biden Administration. I told my significant other, if she can’t get in the legal way, she could always go to Mexico and enter with the other illegals (I was being sarcastic). Of course Biden’s planes may fly her to a section of the country she wasn’t planning on going to. Maybe she could convince them to just drop her off here in Missouri somewhere. Anywhere on I-55 should work; just give her a baby stroller.

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