Patricia Hearst

There was a young boy abducted while riding his bike in rural Missouri. He was missing for many years. The single mom, friends and neighbors did not know if he was dead or alive during all that time. After about 10 years another boy in the same county of Franklin had another boy abducted, once again while riding his bike. Only this time, someone driving along the abductor (in a pickup on Hwy 50 noticed this boy in distress. Followed the man to an apartment in Kirkwood. A neighbor also noticed the boy being led inside an apartment. The description they gave matched the boy that was earlier taken. Police went to the apartment, found the boy and also found the boy that had been missing all those years. My point here is, the boy that had been missing all that time, on occasion had opportunity to run, to escape….to even say something to someone. He had rode a bike to the nearby Walmart at times. He was never allowed to go out like this until he had been held for a significant time. He was sexually, verbally and physically abused. He was threatened that if he escaped or spoke to anyone his family would be killed. When the police came to the apartment looking for the boy just kidnapped, the boy that had been missing all those years, immediately informed them who he was. The pervert was arrested, and committed suicide after being imprisoned. Rumor has it, he was beaten to death by inmates, even though he was supposedly in isolation. Unlike Hearst this boy had not committed any crimes up to then anyway. But he was possibly being groomed to participate in abducting others. They believe that because the boy had grown into a young teenager….his abductor lost interest in him and wanted something new and younger. His own dismantled brain was his demise.

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The title of this post is identical to the title of a chapter in a book by Joel E. Dimsdale. The subtitle is Where Stockholm Met Indoctrination. The chapter provides a detailed explanation of the events including a wide range of opinions. This post will greatly simplify the content to draw the main points.

Here is a timeline of the events:

Kidnapped February 4, 1974.
Joins SLA as Tania April 3, 1974
Robs Hibernia Bank April 15, 1974
Fires gun to rescue SLA members in Los Angeles
Hearst captured September 18, 1975
Trial begins February 4, 1976

Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, which is obviously a radical organization. She was beaten, raped and held captive in a closet. She had no control over her life, such as eating, access to water, plus she had to request permission to go to the bathroom. She was harangued as a…

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