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Lorraine (Attorneys United for a Secure America) Woodwark

Gotta wonder how many drug addicts, people infected with illnesses, thugs and criminals are mixed in with this group and others like it?? And what does illustrious president do , ships these people clandestinely all over the United States and conveniently loses track of them.

That is not bad enough; Kamikaze Joe it’s financing all of their activities with our hard earned tax dollars. These illegal immigrants are being better taken care of medically and financially then a lot of the destitute citizens of this country. There is not other way to say this; the man is an enemy of the people.

Lorraine (Attorneys United for aSecure America) Woodwark

Remember when, years ago, Americans shuttered out of concern for Europe when hundreds of thousands of Migrants (overwhelmingly military aged men) from the Middle East and Africa converged on Europe “demanding” asylum. We were rightly concerned. It changed Europe for…

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