“Joe Biden has exhibited erratic behavior for much of his political life.”

MN Prager Discussion Group

January 20, 2022

Biden Crosses the Rubicon

By Rick Fuentes at American Thinker:

Even the venerable Abraham Lincoln, in a presidency dragged down by the secession of half his domain, chose to separate the causes of the Confederacy from the character of the people settled upon it. In that one and only American Civil War, Lincoln became theGreat Unifierwhenthe loss of 360,000 Union soldiers might easily have justified a heavy-handed approach to everyone south of the Mason-Dixon line.

More Orwellian than Lincolnian, Joe Biden has plotted a more calamitous course for his administration. Aligning with progressive politicos who juxtapose January 6, theCivil War,September 11, and Pearl Harborin a single talking point, Biden has now taken authoritarianism to excess, putting his political fate in the hands of woke boardrooms, big tech, and a doting media while forming an ideological front against the will of his…

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