Mindless Joe’s Labor Market? THE WORST IS YET TO COME!

I would question that Biden’s created jobs are in large number jobs being refilled by anyone choosing to “return” to work. Maybe they re-fill a job someone else left. Smart workers could actually return to the work force by filling a position paying better/better benefits/ even more enjoyable than the one they left. I am retired, but if I wanted to supplement my income I could find a part-time (or full time) job within an hour, within walking distance of my home. Whereas in the middle 70s it took days/weeks to find a job out of college. I did not rely on government to support me! That is nothing but dependence/control, someone else controlling YOU!

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Things are bad for Joe Biden’s labor market, but the worst is yet to come


If you thought the first year of the Biden economy was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The December jobs numbers that the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Jan. 7 were the worst of the year so far and the worst of Joe Biden’s presidency. With only 199,000 net jobs created, the 2021 economy truly went out with a whimper, not a bang.

Fully 3.1 million workers found themselves without work in December because their employers had closed or lost business due to pandemic restrictions. And it is unclear so far how many workers lost jobs because of choices employers made in anticipation of Biden’s vaccine mandate taking effect.

To make matters even worse, the data that went into the December report were gathered before the…

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