An Open Letter to Sen Ted Cruz (who is up the creek w/o the paddles)

We can add Lindsey Graham to this list of spineless Republicans.

Trump:The American Years

Sen Cruz,

you have to know that there were 3 people i considered as the nominee for President in 2016. You, Dr. Ben Carson and finally Donald Trump [in that order].

Over the 4 yrs of Pres Trump first term my support for you has hit some highs and other times hit rock bottom. I would not single you out though. The Republicans as a whole could use some spine. Too many of them are all talk and no action. We have a handful of warriors and some real imbeciles like McConnell and McCarthy. I’m sorry ,but neither of them are leaders.

The past year was tough for the MAGA supporters. We’ve been called everything under the sun and painted as a bunch of kooks, Nazi’s, racists, radicals etc. We watched Biden get installed and then they slammed us for questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election. You know as…

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