Why Jan 6 Is So Important To Dems

The Lone Cactus

You remember one year ago today, right? Thousands of people (they say 5,000) stormed the Capitol in Washington, DC (they called it an “insurrection”), in hopes of stopping the Congress from accepting the Electoral College’s vote naming Joe Biden as president. The reason was simple. These folks felt the election had been stolen from them. Whether they were right or wrong for feeling that way (some places there was indeed a lot of evidence, others, like Arizona turned out not to be as true), they felt they needed to protest. Democrats are currently having a field day today on Capitol Hill…because they call this an attempt to overthrow the government.

That is a lie.

It wasn’t an attempt to overthrow the government. That would require weaponry, and lots of it. I didn’t see any of the masses in the Capitol carrying guns. But the Dems want to portray that because…

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