Matthew 10:32

The Butcher Shop

So EVERYONE who acknowledges Me (Jesus) before ANYONE, I also will acknowledge (THEM) before My Father Who is in Heaven.

Have you ever experienced that moment when you weren’t acknowledged…or, even introduced by a family member…or, friend…to someone that walked into your conversation? It’s as if you suddenly became INVISIBLE to them as they appeared to ignore your presence.

As BELIEVERS in the Mighty God of Heaven…and “confessed” FOLLOWERS of the King of Glory, Jesus…how do you think the Savior of this dark World…Who actually Sacrificed His Life for YOU…was IGNORED by you in your conversations with others…as He stood beside you?

We should ALWAYS be mindful to the everlasting PRESENCE of our Lord and Savior Who will NEVER leave your side. NEVER forget to ALWAYS introduce Him to EVERYONE that you meet. Be excited and overwhelmed with JOY that the One that conquered the darkness and death…is standing next…

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