Headlines We Want To See: Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer Sex-Party Murder-Suicide! Hillary Still NOT President.

Old Doc King

You know what I’m missing right now? Going up to the other property (7.5 acres on the side of a hill out in Tahuya), taking all my clothes off, climbing into my JD-350 Bulldozer, and moving some dirt. Making a new road.

On a nice day, of course. Man, that was fun!

Sometimes I miss that almost as much as I miss smoking. Sometimes. And I quit smoking about 9 years ago. Still occasionally reach for my pack of smokes though. And at the weirdest times.

Rebuilding my system was the worst for that. Set the computer to doing “something” and go outside for a smoke. THAT’S the way it’s done! The way real Tech’s do it. I know. I used to be a real Tech.

Glad I got out of that. The smoking part. And mostly the Tech part too. Except for SWMBO’s computer every computer is voluntary. Any…

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