If it isn’t natural, if it does not come from earth, life, plants, animals……….. don’t be putting it in your body! Native Americans and other people living directly off the land used nature for their medicine and cures.

If it isn’t natural do not put it in your body! Some of our meds do come from nature, vitamins and minerals etc. SOME DO NOT!

I read an article recently from a doctor, he says the COVID vaccines were designed to kill those injected between a time span of 2-5 years. Some have already died, probably due to underlying conditions. I don’t know if people will die that have taken the shots during that time frame, but you certainly need to ask why someone like Bill Gates pushes and pushes for vaccinations and is a depopulation guru. By the way, Bill Gates is not a doctor, he has merely funded vaccines in places like India. India no longer wants Gates to place a foot in their country again. Many children have died and crippled from the Gates funded vaccines. The DEPOPULATION CHAMPION!

We probably should be looking for something that cleanses our system of the COVID vaccines………reverses it. Even the self proclaimed expert on everything, Bill Gates, now says “the COVID vaccines don’t work all that well!” Really genius!!!


  1. Bill Gates and Dr Fauci are tied together at the hip. Fauci thinks He IS science, and Gates wants us all to die. How can anyone listen to either of them. Gates proved back in his college days that he wasn’t smart enough to make without stealing from his classmates. Yea, he got rich, but a lot of very evil people get rich. It has to do with selling their souls to the devil.

    I agree with what you said on the Native Americans. They were smarter than most of the people in this country now. Everyone running up with their arms out wanting to be saved from the evil Covid, which, by the way, they have a 99.7% chance of living through.

    Since when do so many people want or believe that the govt has their best in mind? What happened to the people that grew up in the 60s, when they knew the govt did not have their best interests in mind? What happened that made people suddenly so damned dependent upon the govt?

    Oh yea, speaking of Fauci, when was he appointed health Czar? Who made him The
    Science” that he claims to be? People need to grab themselves and read the book written by Robert F Kennedy Jr. Then they will actually know who this Fauci criminal is. I doubt they will care though. Ever since 9/11, people have been afraid of their own shadows. Why? Because the likes of the Bush Family wanted all the gold inside of the Towers? They concocted a bunch of lies, and America fell for it? WTF? Hell, our ancestors, Native American, the Founding Fathers, all who went before us, and tried to teach us, have all rolled over in their graves, and wonder what the hell they spilled their blood for. These people have handed over all our rights on a silver platter, slapping the faces of those who fought for the Freedom of this Country, for a bunch of friggin communists to take it over and kill us with a vaccine.

    Everyone needs to pray for salvation of this country, cause they sure as hell aren’t doing anything to help, they would all rather die, apparently.


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