Petition · Support a dolphin sanctuary in New South Wales! ·


Zippy, Bella, and Jet – the last three remaining dolphins in captivity in NSW – could live happy and healthy lives in a dolphin sanctuary in Coffs Harbour.

Ask NSW Minister for Environment, Matt Kean, to support completion of the feasibility study to build this sanctuary.

The sanctuary would retire Zippy, Bella, and Jet and could help rescue and rehabilitate stranded cetaceans on the east coast of Australia.

It would see Dolphin Marine Conservation Park transition to a venue based on education, rescue and rehabilitation, and protect the jobs and income the Park brings to the Coffs region.

The NSW Upper House recommended support for completing the feasibility study in the recent Parliamentary Inquiry into the exhibition of cetaceans. The decision is now in the hands of the Minister for Environment – The Hon. Matt Kean.

Can you help convince the government to support the retirement of captive dolphins…

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