Will Biden Address His Covid Wisdom or Folly on Tuesday, and/or ….

Rudy u Martinka

… will he cover up his hypocrisy of blaming USA citizens for not being vaccinated even though he allowed 2 million unvaccinated border refuges in 2021 to enter the ISA?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Fauci says omicron variant is ‘fust raging around the World’ reported Vice President Harris stated….

“…in a Los Angeles Times interview that the Biden administration “didn’t see Delta coming. I think most scientists did not — upon whose advice and direction we have relied — didn’t see Delta coming.” She added: “We didn’t see Omicron coming. And that’s the nature of what this, this awful virus has been, which as it turns out, has mutations and variants.”

A Bing Article titled: Biden to deliver Tuesday speech on omicron variant as Covid cases rise, reported:

“Biden is expected to go beyond his already unveiled “winter plan” with additional measures while “issuing a…

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