Liberal Media Goes Into Overdrive To Portray Sagging Economy As Booming Under Biden — The Gateway Pundit

This means the media is as corrupt and in many cases believe their own BS. They are as stupid as Biden.

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The American economy under Joe Biden is terrible. The American people know this because they are reminded of it every time they go to the gas station or the grocery store.

The November jobs report was awful. The indicators are all around us.

But don’t tell that to the liberal media, which is now bending over backwards to convince you that the opposite is true.

Look at this piece fromWashington Monthly:

It’s a Biden Boom—and No One Has Noticed Yet

While many people are uncomfortable communicating bad news, Democrats have a problem these days talking about good news, especially on the economy. Based on the data, President Biden and the Democratic Congress are set to preside over the strongest two-year performance on growth, jobs, and income in decades—so long as the current cycle of inflation eases, and the Omicron variant does not trigger another round of shutdowns. The future…

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