May be an image of text that says 'One of the most powerful pictures I've ever seen If the people stand... ...the game is over'
Sherad Ca

The We in United We Stand, is We the People, not the Government.

5 thoughts on “SOME WILL NOT GET THIS”

  1. You are so right – this is exactly what is happening. We have to purge these people and elect
    REAL leaders when we vote. We have too many RINOS in the party from earlier days who are still fooling us. Good examples are Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. They never vote with the Repub’s.


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    When are the Republicans going to stand up to the Democrat Marxists? The minority leader needs to either “piss” or get off the pot. (Excuse my frankness – but being nice doesn’t help because these Marxists play hard ball. ) Enough already. Is he playing the part of former Paul Ryan and playing it safe?


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