How Corrupt Can These Bidens Be…..Being From Delaware? Being Dems? Being Greedy?

This was all set up between the Biden family, the Dems, and the Chinese; it could only be efficient for the Chinese if China Joe Biden was president. He, Hunter and Jim Biden are only useful to the Chinese if China Joe was President. Now it only makes sense that the Chinese were guaranteed that their boy Joe was president, so it makes even more sense they would do whatever it took to get him elected. FIX the election, are at least do their part. The Dems and Communists China together ………… taking us to the socialist’s left as far as they can.

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Hunter Biden is a drug-addled degenerate who probably is not competitively employable. Despite those handicaps, he and his uncle Jim Biden cut a wide swath, making or trying to make major deals with giant Chinese companies that presumably are arms of the Chinese Communist Party. What did Jim and Hunter Biden bring to the table in negotiating these deals?

Obviously, it was the political influence of Joe Biden, at the time the outgoing Vice President and long-time Washington insider. As I have said many times, no one ever bribedHunterBiden. The only point of the Biden family business was to sell Joe’s influence in return for cold Chinese cash.

The New York Post’s Miranda Devine has written a book titledLaptop From Hell, based on revelations from the laptop that Hunter Biden dropped off for…

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