China’s Newest Amphibious Assault Ship Aims To ‘Match’ US Aircraft Carriers Equipped With F-35 Jets

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

By Ayush Jain- November 29, 2021

In another major challenge to the US, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has been working on a new class of warships capable of carrying attack helicopters and potentially VTOL combat aircraft in the future.

VTOL stands for vertical take-off and landing and refers to aircraft that can take off, hover, and land vertically. The F35B fighter jet is the best example of a fighter jet with VTOL capabilities.

Recently, a photo emerged on social media showing the second vessel of this class expected to be commissioned soon. These are the Chinese fleet’s new Type-075 Landing Helicopter Docks, literally “aircraft carriers” compared to the American Wasp-class by many experts.

A total of three vessels are expected in this class, with one already commissioned named Hainan, and the second soon to be commissioned as Guangxi.

The Type 075 is significant in many ways for the…

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