Living with the enemy ….

The Goomba Gazette

If articles this does not turn your stomach and make you hate/distrust our government even more than we do already, I don’t know what can. Many of our so called protectors are absolutely in bed with the suppliers of the COVID vaccine.

As I have stated so many times before, who in the hell can the average person trust or believe?? There is documented proof that many of the politicians are in bed with the vaccine manufacturing companies. It is speculated that all of the companies combined will make 94 billion dollars in the production and sale of the COVID vaccine.

There absolutely should be laws that prohibit politicians, their family or friends should be able to own stock in companies that deal with the government.

Pfizer Inc Profile: Members Invested • OpenSecrets

There are 27 politicians that have stock in Pfizer alone. Gotta be a lot more than…

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