Yep an extended hand of the dumbing down process.


The left is trying to fix “stupid.” With more stupid. They don’t realize they are putting a label on these folks. It is just incompetent lazy teachers who don’t want to do their jobs which is called GRADING PAPERS which is a lot of work.


Royal Patriot

School to Ban Grading Over “Equity” In California

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Schools in San Diego and Los Angeles are experimenting with the way they grade children, incorporating extremist ideas taken straight from the pages of Critical Race Theory books and removing the old system of grading.

Instead of the A-F grading system, teachers are reportedly moving to something that they consider to be more “equitable.” It’s part of an effort to ensure that children all perform to the same standard, and is based on the fallacy that non-white children are at a disadvantage in school because of systemic racism.

In California, several school…

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