Just In Time For The Holidays, The Biggest Mandate Of All Is About To Go Into Effect… — The Economic Collapse

Biden and his masters are about destroying everything American. It makes perfect sense what they are doing, though it is evil and treasonous. That is their agenda, destroy America! You think I am kidding……….Joe Biden is owned by China, literally! It is worse than being compromised. HE IS OWNED. Hunter’s painting sales? His paintings are junk, crap a drug addict would create. But they are useful for the Bidens. They are laundering money; and it is not coming from art collectors!

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What a joyful time of the year this is going to be for the countless families that are about to experience a job loss. You would think that Joe Biden’srapidly plunging poll numberswould cause him to rethink his absurd mandates, but that hasn’t happened. Instead, he is has chosen to stubbornly move forward, and the consequences are going to be absolutely disastrous. Earlier today, I watched a heartbreaking video of a pandemic herobeing marched out of a hospital in Californiabecause her religious exemption was denied. She admits that she could soon lose her house as a result, but freedom is more important to her. Sadly, similar scenes are about to be repeated over and over again all across the country, because the biggest mandate of them all is about to be implemented. According to the senior White House correspondent for CBS News, it appears that the…

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