“The Public Feels Defrauded By Biden”…..Rightly So!

Democrats are losing their own base!

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A newNBC News pollshows that Joe Biden’s approval among American adults has fallen to 42 percent. 54 percent disapprove.

This represents a remarkable shrinkage. In August the same pollsters found America split 49-48 on Biden’s performance, with the marginally larger percentage approving of it. In April, they found that Americans approved of Biden’s performance, 53-39.

Now, only 40 percent of adults approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. An even smaller portion, 37 percent, gives him high marks on a 5-point scale for being competent and effective as president, while 28 percent (most of whom have probably been vacationing in Mongolia) give him high marks for uniting the country.

The two Democrats who were part of NBC’s polling team conclude:

The promise[s] of the Biden presidency — knowledge, competence and stability in tough times — have all been called…

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