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Americans Pay for Biden’s Immigration Agenda with Blood and Trauma

Importing criminals from around the world is both lunacy and a problem we can no longer absorb.

By Brian Lonergan at American Greatness:

October 27, 2021

Throughout Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign for president and his nightmarish first year in the White House, he and his acolytes have extolled the virtues of near-limitless immigration. His campaigntalkedabout immigration as an “irrefutable source of our strength” and how it is “essential to who we are as a nation, our core values and our aspirations for the future.” Anyone who suggests that we bring immigration to safe, manageable levels is shamed with a retort of “that’s not who we are.”

Nowhere to be found in the White House’s rhetoric is any mention of the costs of such reckless policies, specifically higher crime and the shattered lives of those victimized by…

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