It’s Dangerous To Trust Fascistic NEA Where Truth No Longer Has Meaning!

MN Prager Discussion Group

The National Education Association finally comes clean

By M. E. Boyd at American Thinker:

“In reality, ‘critical race theory’ being taught in elementary, middle, and high school isn’t a concern. All students deserve to be taught the truth and all educators deserve the right to teach it.”

Alice O’Brien, general counsel, National Education Association

Ms. O’Brien then says Critical Race Theory is a legal theory that posits that what appears to be neutral in American law is really a device to perpetuate systemic racism.Honesty in education, or “truth” as Ms. O’Brien sees it, would require teachers to teach and support ideological organizations such as Black Lives Matter so American schoolchildren get the full picture regarding American history,such as the “murder” of George Floyd and the January 6, 2020 “insurrection” in Washington, D.C.

The “truth” also includes the 1619 Project, which reframes American history to support the theory that…

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