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Out America the Beautiful began dying in the 1960s when its youth began to return to its animal past. The Sundays set aside for God and Family began to disappear. By the 1990s American Mothers began to disappear from family life. It was richer with more power to run shows at an American college somewhere!

By 2015 the American female began to disappear from Motherhood preferring colleges as their future GAINING power in life. Fascism began to fulfill their enlarging bodies, suggesting ‘superior minds’ FROM FEELINGS….Feelings, therefor should dictate human problem solving.

Truth is a Male Drive Problem! HE WAS BORN TO BE CURIOUS, BORN TO SOLVE PROBLEMS, NOT TO RAISE A CHILD! Let him swim in failure. Let Fems dictate from their feelings!

Fem fascists, like all fascists, strive to become gods for life by habit. They feel so superior they deserve POWER TO RULE!

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