Note From Mark: Learning More About Biden World!

This article by Glenn H. Ray is so spot on! The sad thing, it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be this way in America. As Biden said “This is America Dammit” !

MN Prager Discussion Group

A sagacious commenter in the St. Paul Pioneer Press: from Mark Waldeland <>Wed .

“I totally agree with your post as long as “Biden” is replaced by “the administration”. I can scarcely hold someone responsible for what they said months ago when odds are that most days he can’t even remember what he had for breakfast. Biden is a puppet, meekly reading what he is given to read by the people with the real power in this country: people with names like Pelosi, Harris, Obama, Schumer, McConnell, etc. Yep, McConnell. I have no doubts whatever that Ol’ Mitch, despite his recent bombast, is firmly in bed with the power brokers. THEY are the people responsible for:

1. A nearly 9% rise in wholesale prices since Biden was sworn in–the sharpest hike in at least two decades.

2. Paying “extended” unemployment to persons to such an extent that they’d rather sit on…

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