I just had this video sent to me. In the least it is entertaining. The part about Kamala Harris being a man anyway. Much of the video goes beyond Kamala Harris and back to Obama, with Osama Bin Laden; that not so funny. It there is any possibility that this is true, and I am not saying it is or isn’t none of it is funny. I have to admit, the photo comparisons in this video of a male and female with the same features is convincing enough to at least not disregard it. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit, as we live in a very fraudulent world and country lead by FAKES/FRAUDS. They will lie and cheat to gain their way! They will do anything……………until we stop them. It is no secret Harris (Kamala/James, whoever) rose to the top by laying on her/his back……..legs spread (she’s had some surgery then????). Like I said, not quite sure here, but entertaining and worth a look.

A pretty good case is made here though!

7 thoughts on “KAMALA HARRIS……..MAN OR WOMAN?”

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