“Vice President Kamala Harris Takes Fakery To A New Level”

This is the highest level of ignorance in the WH I have seen in my lifetime (69 years). Biden and Harris make Abbott and Costello look like serious candidates in a political campaign. Abbott and Costello win all debates, the election………oh wait only a fair election! (Arlin Report comment)

MN Prager Discussion Group

OCTOBER 12, 2021 BY SCOTT JOHNSON  at PowerLine:


I took a look at the Biden fakery, most recently,hereover the weekend. Vice President Kamala Harris takes fakery to a new level. She is such a synthetic character she might have been created in a laboratory as a joke, perhaps by Dr. Frankenstein high on drugs. You can make this stuff up, but it defies credulity.

It turns out that the entire cast of Harris’s weird space video was made up of actors pretending to be students interested in Harris’s meditations. The Examiner hasa good storyon the video production, noting that “[t]he actors flew to Washington during the second week of August, filming Wednesday through Friday. At the time, the U.S.-backed government in Afghanistan was in collapse, with Washington’s withdrawal from the two-decade conflict…”

Michael Lee’s Fox News storyruns the title and…

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