And You Don’t Think The Joe Biden’s Lefty Crooks Didn’t Swipe The 2021 Presidential Election! THAT’S TODAY’S AMERICA FOR US!

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Joe Biden’s Potemkin White House starts getting literal

ByMonica Showalter at American Thinker:

In 1787,an imperial Russian governor named Grigory Potemkin constructed aprettyvillage facade, a theatre set, actually, that’s since become known as a Potemkin Village. His aim wasto fool the passing empress, Catherine the Great, into thinking all was well on her journey through war-ravaged Crimea, when in fact it was not.

It now looks like the White House has viewed that story as a how-to guide — this time, to fool the passing voters.

According toEd Morrissey at Hot Air:

Today’s deep question: Why does Biden use a stage set instead of the White House?

The “fake set” question first came upa week ago, when a few critics speculated that Joe Biden’s booster shot was as staged as the environs. There’s not a shred of evidence that Biden didn’t get his…

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