Thank GOD Biden’s Dem Fascists Are Suffering From The Awaking of America AT LAST!

People are waking up, people are talking more than I can remember.

MN Prager Discussion Group

Catastrophic crash in polling numbers for Biden and the Dems

By Thomas Lifson at American Thinker:

Is it really a surprise that a formal move toward police repression of its political opponents –siccing the FBIon critics of Critical Race Theory – is coming from the chief law enforcement officer of the Biden regime? The latest polling indicates that the already low public approval of the Biden presidency is declining further.

The prospects for any improvement in these numbers are poor. We have a massive wave of inflation ahead, with gasoline and natural gas both rapidly increasing in price, and both hard to cut back on. The chaos of the surrender to the Taliban augurs for more political humiliation ahead, with China potentially taking advantage of the weakness of the Biden administration. Crime has skyrocketed in cities that Democrats control. None of these factors will improve the numbers for…

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