The Election Audit MUST Get Back in the News Cycle

Trump:The American Years

There’s 3 stories we should have seen in 2019-2020 that we’re lucky to see now. Spygate, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal & election fraud. They were buried. There are still liberals who believe the Russia Hoax. This means they are either that gullible OR they’re too lazy to research. We know the corrupt media is never going to correct the lie.

They were involved in it.

Directly related to the election fraud we witnessed are the election audits. The 2 are connected. All the stories i mentioned are important-critical to our republic-but the one that is going to carry much weight soon are the audits.

All the media did was report the results saying Biden won. We knew the results. They’re stating the obvious. It’s not the results that matter. A forensic audit should tell how we got there. I know the news cycle is being eaten up with the…

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