A Reviewing Of That Crooked U.S. 2020 Presidential Election!

MN Prager Discussion Group

Trying to Prevent Illegal Conduct From Deciding an Election Is Not Endorsing a ‘Coup’

These and the numerous other election irregularities deserved—and still deserve—a full airing if the American people’s faith in our election system is ever to be restored.

By John C. Eastman at American Greatness:

The media-generated controversy over the legal memo I wrote in January (a preliminary, incomplete draft of which was recentlymade public) outlining the possible scenarios for the certification of the electoral vote is another instance of the press whipping up a frenzy around a false narrative and thereby further undermining its own legitimacy.

The carefully curated snip, lifted from a preliminary draft, showed only one scenario out of the many that had been floated, including in a prominent and lengthy article published bythe far-leftAtlantic Monthlyon September 23. The most puzzling result of this “gotcha” is that in my memo…

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