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biden disasterEven by the low standards of America’s notoriously corrupt political officials the Joe Biden Crime Family and its Underboss Hunter Biden are sleaze personified. Bribery and influence peddling have become veritable institutions with the Bidens, with the most blatant example being the way bribe money continues to be funneled to Joe Biden via the six-figure sums paid to his Underboss Hunter Biden from “sales of his artwork.” LMAO. Right.

The Hunter Biden art graft brings to mind the radio payola scandal, where DJs, no longer allowed to accept money from record companies to play their songs, had their wives sell “paintings” to the record executives. The Biden Crime Family is filth. 

HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP IS THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING – The revelations of Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption continue to pour from Hunter’s notorious laptop computer. Remember how last year the Democrats of Big Tech banned references to…

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  1. HUNTER Biden, still trying to get Foreign governments and companies to hire him…….”AS A CONSUTANT?”; for connection to DADDY. (There is some influence and advantages for you!)……….Joe not exactly popular on international front; except to take advantage of his stupidity. JOE BIDEN IS COMPRIMISED, PLANE AND SIMPLE. TREASONOUS !
  2. BORDERLESS (OPEN BORDER BY JOE BIDEN): They keep coming from everywhere. Now Haitians by the tens of thousands, camping out, trashing our country. Home and land owners near the border fighting trespassing, vandalism and assault. This is destruction of America by Joe Biden and the relentless, selfish, abusive, power hungry Democratic SOCIALIST Party. BIDEN Administration is moving Haitians in the dark of the night throughout the country! This is not a relocation plan! This is part of the DESTROY AMERICA PLAN! There is not enough landfills and trash trucks in this country to handle the garbage coming in! I haven’t even mentioned the female immigrants being raped at the border…… the immigrants and terrorists entering!
  3. Afghanistan: Total withdrawal fiasco! Take the military out first, leave Americans there (abandon them), leave 83 to 85 billion dollars worth of military equipment to a terrorist organization(s). Arm terrorists and leave our own border open for them to come in (or is it at Joe Biden’s invitation). JOE BIDEN’S INVITATION TO TERRORIST!!! 9/11 meant nothing to this JACK ASS!
  5. Jobs? JOE BIDEN considers people going back to work from being off due to COVID as JOB CREATION! Many, and I mean many are still not going back. Restaurants and businesses are understaffed! Joe Biden never created jobs in his life, except when it comes to HUNTER! Not a job, really just a DEAL!
  6. COVID? Don’t worry, Joe said he has it under control! What he doesn’t have under control: (Dr. ???) Tony Fauci! Joe Biden, following the science……..Fauci science!? Lets see what a donation to the Wuhan Lab can drum up!!!! Then:
  7. Fauci lied to Congress…………but don’t worry, the gutless Republican Party won’t call him back!!
  8. Economy? SHOT! HIGHER GAS PRICES? YEP……… Lets just say: HIGHER EVERYTHING. But Joe Biden is AMERICA’S MAN! RIGHT!

Barack Obama was right! If you want someone to F..k up something JOE BIDEN IS YOUR MAN!

We could go on and on…………. Everything Biden touches, breathes on is screwed up, destroyed! THE BIDEN MESS! EVERYTHING!

Psaki Bolts From Podium As Reporter Asks About Her Prior Tweets Calling Hunter Biden Laptop Story ‘Russian Disinformation’ (VIDEO)

Daily Browse

Earlier this week,Politico admittedcontents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are indeed authentic.

The New York Post, Gateway Pundit, Fox News, the Daily Caller and others obtained emails from the hard drive nearly a year ago, but the fake news media is finally catching up.

Politico is only a year late, but we’ll take it.

Psaki bolted from the podium on Thursday as a reporter asked her about prior tweets calling the New York Post’s Hunter laptop October surprise “Russian disinformation.”

Psaki Bolts From Podium As Reporter Asks About Her Prior Tweets Calling Hunter Biden Laptop Story ‘Russian Disinformation’ (VIDEO)

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Surprise Surprise!


The Hill
Watchdog: 7 members of Congress allegedly failed to disclose stock trades

Mychael Schnell


A watchdog filed ethics complaints against seven members of Congress on Wednesday, alleging that they failed to disclose stock trades.

The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) announced on Wednesday that it filed complaints with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) against Reps. Cindy Axne (D-Iowa), Warren Davidson (R-Ohio), Lance Gooden (R-Texas), Bobby Scott (D-Va.), Tom Suozzi (D-N.Y.), Roger Williams (R-Texas) and Del. Michael San Nicolas (D-Guam), accusing them of failing to disclose stock trades in compliance with the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act.

The watchdog is requesting that the OCE conduct an investigation into the members of Congress for allegedly failing to disclose more than $12 million collectively.

The CLC alleged that Suozzi failed to disclose up to $11 million worth of stock transactions, the highest amount among the lawmakers currently under scrutiny…

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Lives in a glass house ….

The Goomba Gazette

Biden may owe up to $500K in back taxes

Biden may have improperly used ‘S corporations’ to avoid taxes on speaking fees and book sales

K J ( Kamakshi Joe) is living in a glass abode, BUTT is rolling boulders at everyone else for trying to beat the system. He falls into the same category as his cousin Albert Sharpless and the rest of the hustlers that do not pay their taxes.

BUTT for guys in their positions; they claim to know nothing about their financial affairs because they hire EXPERTS to do their banking and associated bookkeeping. GMAFB!!!

Did Sharpless ever swing?? You know the answer to that. He is black and a supposed preacher. What is better protection than that?? The first thing always out of this guys mouth when his back is against the wall is, racism.

Who would have ever thought a small time hustler would…

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Can you count on the Democrats to protect you from criminals and terrorists?

And think about the crimes going unreported………


I noticed a number of stories this weak showing that the Democrats are more interested in rewarding evildoers than protecting the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Sadly, when I tried to share them on Facebook, Facebook didn’t let ANYONE see them. And I mean zero likes, zero clicks. I’m hoping that I can link to the stories in this post and they won’t notice.

Here’s the first one from Daily Wire:

Two Afghan refugees who were brought into the United States following Democrat President Joe Biden’s disastrous pullout from the country are facing federal charges related to allegedly trying to rape a minor and suffocate a woman.

“Bahrullah Noori, 20, is charged with attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor using force against that person, and with three counts of engaging in a sexual act with a minor, with one count alleging the use of force,”…

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