Lives in a glass house ….

The Goomba Gazette

Biden may owe up to $500K in back taxes

Biden may have improperly used ‘S corporations’ to avoid taxes on speaking fees and book sales

K J ( Kamakshi Joe) is living in a glass abode, BUTT is rolling boulders at everyone else for trying to beat the system. He falls into the same category as his cousin Albert Sharpless and the rest of the hustlers that do not pay their taxes.

BUTT for guys in their positions; they claim to know nothing about their financial affairs because they hire EXPERTS to do their banking and associated bookkeeping. GMAFB!!!

Did Sharpless ever swing?? You know the answer to that. He is black and a supposed preacher. What is better protection than that?? The first thing always out of this guys mouth when his back is against the wall is, racism.

Who would have ever thought a small time hustler would…

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