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biden disasterEven by the low standards of America’s notoriously corrupt political officials the Joe Biden Crime Family and its Underboss Hunter Biden are sleaze personified. Bribery and influence peddling have become veritable institutions with the Bidens, with the most blatant example being the way bribe money continues to be funneled to Joe Biden via the six-figure sums paid to his Underboss Hunter Biden from “sales of his artwork.” LMAO. Right.

The Hunter Biden art graft brings to mind the radio payola scandal, where DJs, no longer allowed to accept money from record companies to play their songs, had their wives sell “paintings” to the record executives. The Biden Crime Family is filth. 

HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP IS THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING – The revelations of Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption continue to pour from Hunter’s notorious laptop computer. Remember how last year the Democrats of Big Tech banned references to…

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