Why Was The 2020 BIDEN Election So Corrupt In Twelve States ?

Spot on, truth filled article.

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Joseph R. Biden: Hollow Man

By John Green at American Thinker:

By definition, a façade is the outside appearance of a building.Buildings on Hollywood sets are often called façades because outside appearance is all they are.They look like complete buildings from the front, but from the inside, one can see that they’re merely shells — completely hollow.

Just like a Hollywood set, Joe Biden is all façade and no substance.He’s a hollow man.

The Biden façade has been carefully crafted over decades by himself, his enablers, and the propaganda ministry.Before the last election, I was told by one of his supporters that he seemed like a “genuine and likable guy.”He’s just a normal guy from a working neighborhood in Scranton, with no pretensions and absolutely nothing elitist about him.

An incredible number of Americans have been taken in by his smile and images of him joking around with us common…

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3 thoughts on “Why Was The 2020 BIDEN Election So Corrupt In Twelve States ?”

  1. What they don’t tell you is, not only is he a shell of a man, there’s nothing inside…no heart, no brain, nothing. Hence, you hear what you get when he speaks. You may as well have Gonzo from The Muppets up at the podium talking. Same thing!


    1. I was actually thinking the other day, Joe Biden looks a great deal like the Scarecrow from Oz. However, I didn’t want to write that and insult the man that played the Scarecrow. And the Scarecrow from Oz was as you know capable of thinking with great logic. Biden is the one of the two without a brain. But, look at the resemblance of the two. LOL!

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