Judge Jeanine slams Biden for ‘fumbling’ Afghanistan withdrawal

Cleveland Foxers


Peanutbrain Jimmuh has been the king of military Middle East Blunders, but now has been usurped by JoeJoe The Talking Chicken Bidet! In fact, JoeJoe is the god of Military Middle East Blunders, making peanutbrain look like a genius! And that is not good for the USA.

This jackal, as God calls him, has beat the cake with his biggest blunders while chomping down ice cream cones and getting his butt wiped.

In May 2008, I worked at a radio station event where we had a guest speaker making a public appearance. This guest speaker, Retired Israeli Military General Shimon Erem, ripped on Former President Jimmy Carter being the WORST PRESIDENT EVER that the USA ever had in history. President Carter’s military intelligence blunders left the USA vulnerable to terrorist attacks from Muslims in many areas. Muslims took money from oil profits to fund terrorist groups worldwide, spreading networks…

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