while at the pentagon……..we’ve always been lied to and so?

I just watched a press conference from the Pentagon with Milley and our Defense Sec. They really struggled with answers to any question. We have been lied to for 20 years on Afghanistan. Not just there but about anywhere in the world where Americans are or are involved. The government lies to us about virtually everything;; JFK assassination, Vietnam, Iraq, Benghazi ………the list goes on and on! AND WE KEEP LETING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. SO WHY WOULD WE BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY TODAY, IN A PRESS CONFERENCE OR OHTERWISE?

The government has sent alerts to American citizens left in Afghanistan that they can not be assured safe passage to the airport. SO ANOTHER WORDS………YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

Biden chose this way of leaving Afghanistan. HE can not blame Trump for the way HIS ADMINISTRATION chose to carry the evacuation out! It is on Biden! You know, the foreign policy expert! He is responsible for leaving Americans in Afghanistan as hostages of the Taliban. Biden totally screwed this “mission” of theirs up! We are now to believe that Biden’s Administration are capable of getting OUR PEOPLE HOME? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Milley lied in the press conference……”that there was no indication that the Afghan Army could fall in just 11 days to the Taliban!” THAT IS BULL SHIT!

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    Pentagon procurement agency ‘lost track of $800m’

    These guys are too busy with “other” things besides war problems.


    posted by Su-San Sit

    in Procurement, Public sector

     6 February 2018

    A division of the US Department of Defence (DoD) “could not account for” more than $800m (£571m) in construction spending, according to an internal audit.

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