"The Day Is Coming!" Sara Whitten, Kerrville, TX

Sound Of Heaven

Recently in worship as I was closing my eyes, I got an image of myself standing in front of a big window.

“What do you see?” asked the Lord.

It was dark outside, so I honestly replied, “Nothing.” Then the sun began to rise, so light illuminated the view. God whispered, “If the day hasn’t come yet, you can be looking in the right place and still see nothing.”

There are some of you who are looking out the window. You are waiting and you are watching for the promises of God, and you see NOTHING. You are starting to wonder if you’re even in the right place. If this is you (and the Holy Spirit will confirm for you if it is), God is saying, “Don’t let the TIMING make you feel like you missed it. You can’t see what’s there UNTIL THE DAY COMES.”(Photo via Unsplash)


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