Watch “Oregon Gov Signs Bill Suspending Math and Reading Requirements Because RACISM #Shorts” on YouTube

This governor and those politicians with the same policy (BS) are doing nothing more than spreading stupidity. Ignorance can be fixed with education, stupidity can not! I guess like defunding police, they think we no longer need doctors, engineers, nurses ETC, ETC, ETC. They call it racists to keep the math and reading. Everyone can be taught to read, write and do math, despite skin color. Holding it back as a requirement is an insulting racists policy! (Arlin Report comment)


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3 thoughts on “Watch “Oregon Gov Signs Bill Suspending Math and Reading Requirements Because RACISM #Shorts” on YouTube”

  1. So, it’s NOT racism to deny minorities an education? Hmm…that seems a little counter-productive don’t you think? I would hope that any sensible person would want ALL races, creeds, religions, etc. to have the opportunity to have the best, most challenging education system in the world. Obviously the people in Oregon have taken their previously passed law of legalizing ALL drugs to a whole new religion!

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    1. Where does the craziness end! I just did another post on this……….my opinion, the ability to form one with the learned skills of reading, writing and math! I think they want to take that away from all our children. The only logical answer is ‘They want complete control of us, mostly our minds.’ In my opinion, logical thinking…….I think!

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