Whatever happened to this once beautiful, safe country ???

The Goomba Gazette

On one side of the coin, depending on who you talk to (liberal or conservative), it is a very hard question to answer. On the other side of the coin, it is pretty simple to answer.

It all starts out with the loss of family structures. No father figure, the mother may be a hooker, either one of them, if they are around are dope head, many family members are in prison, there is no one at home to keep the kids in line, they get involved with the wrong crowds, weak government, excessive political correctness, over the top liberalism, power of authority taken away from the good cops, twisted educational systems warping the kids minds, unholy religious organizations, organizations that were meant to help develop kids characters (example, Olympics, BSA) are doing the opposite, I can go on for hours.

All of these elements, individually or combined, all spell…

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