Fascist Biden’s Rio Invasion of America To Secure Dems’ Dictatorship

COVID INFECT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS by the thousands enter the U.S. The joke of an administration (elected fraudulently/therefore also illegal) do not care that a pandemic continues endlessly. They are SICKOS!

MN Prager Discussion Group

McAllen, Texas, declares disaster after 7,000 COVID-infected illegals pour into city

By Monica Showalter at American Thinker:

Thechaos at the border has risen to “disaster”levels in McAllen, Texas, where COVID-infected migrants are pouring in and the citycan’t stop them. So much for Kamala Harris’s migration”root cause” solution, with her visits to showcase schools in Guatemala. And so much for Joe Biden doing his job as president, as Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis noted yesterday.

According toBorder Report:

McALLEN, Texas(Border Report)— The South Texas border city of McAllen this week put up several tents to house an overflow of migrants with COVID-19 who have been released by federal authorities and have nowhere else to go. But the new tents drew such outcry from residents that late Wednesday city officials announced the facility was being moved.

Overnight Wednesday, six tents had been put up with a capacity to hold…

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