How did television get so bad?

Just like everything else deteroriating.

Iowa life

ABC channel 5 in central Iowa hasn’t been on this year (contract dispute), and no one cares. Lately I’ve noticed I don’t even have the TV on during the day. At all. Its usually on at night for company. I can’t imagine a show I’d want to watch. Its all such claptrap. I really don’t think its just because I’m a member now of the “get off my lawn!” brigade. I think modern TV is just really bad.

I’ll flip it to FOX News once in awhile, thinking I’ll find something, but I don’t. Its the same way with the CNBC business channel. There should be something going on somewhere in the world of business that they could make into an interesting story, but there’s not. It is literally beyond their capability. That leaves TCM. All that does is make crystal clear why the Academy Awards only has 1…

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